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On this blog, I’ll mostly focus on cryptocurrencies, monetary economics, and other related interdisciplinary stuff. The fundamentals will usually lead back to money and how we humans interact with it.

I usually convey my ideas and opinions via (1) story-telling or (2) slightly rigorous explorations. You can expect to read stories about inflation and obesity, as well as explorations of crypto consensus mechanisms. An odd mix, I know, but the variety keeps things interesting!

Why “Nani”?

Nani”, or “ナーニ” in Japanese translates to “What” in English. (I grew up with anime, hence the Japanese reference.) I like to ask questions and look at things from new angles. What’s true? What isn’t? What’s fair to assume? We’ll get to as much as we can.

I created this newsletter to learn and explore, and the subscription is free because I think more discourse equals more fun. (Plus, if I asked people to pay, nobody would read.) So if you ever feel like an article’s rubbish, or have ideas on how I can do better, please let me know! Like all of us, I’m constantly learning and growing, too.

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